FSV BEV PeelAwayImageHRWhat is ACP?

The patented Accelerated Concept to Product (ACP) Process® has revolutionized and streamlined the product development process, through optimization led design. The performance-driven development process relies heavily on simulations to meet timing and budget targets, whereas the traditional processes have been built around a build-test philosophy. 

The key benefits of the ACP Process include a demonstrated capability to reduce product development costs significantly, reduce product mass by approximately 20 - 40% and reduce product development time, while improving product performance in terms of stiffness, NVH, crash/safety, durability.

This technique is a proprietary, performance-driven, holistic product design development method, which is based on design optimization.  ACP incorporates the use of multiple CAE tools to generate an optimal design solution.  3G Optimization is employed and allows engineers to design a concept model using holistic design approach. It incorporates material types and its properties (Grade and Gauges), Geometry (shape) and manufacturing processes for the optimum weight and performance. 

Contrary to conventional methods where just one or a few design concepts are evaluated, with the ACP process hundreds of design concepts under multiple load conditions are evaluated simultaneously.  Only those concepts, which meet all of the design targets and manufacturing constraints, are initiated.  The resulting concept(s) is designed, analyzed and optimized using loading, manufacturing, material, and cost constraints.  CAD data is then generated for the optimal design.  Finally, our team takes the design to the production level (preparing it for manufacturing) based on the available manufacturing processes and provides production support.  

Using this system, the resulting product meets all performance, mass, cost and manufacturing constraints.  Applied at the component, sub-system, or full-system level, significant efficiencies and product improvement are achievable using the ACP Process.  In this practice, ETA’s expert team revisits process requirements and uses the most advanced technology, tools, and materials to give the client the most lightweight structure possible.